iMirror 7V

Full HD DVR rear view mirror

Not only do we integrate the DVR recorder into the rear view mirror, but design their relationship comprehensively. We combine these two elements and make them one perfectly, no conflict with its stability and reliability. The high reflective glass ensures the user to view the rear situation. The bracket with 21mm diameter fixes the rear view mirror to the windshield tightly. In conclusion, what we offer is a safer and multi-functional rear view mirror with high definition DVR recorder.

Ambarella A7 solution
Re-define the standard of HD DVR

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4.3 inch ultral-high brightness
LCD display monitor

The 4.3 inch LCD monitor is extremely bright, whose brightness can adjust automatically by the surroundings. In this way, drivers can get a clear LCD display at any time, no dazzling. The recording mode can display on the monitor synchronously. The monitor will switch to the reversing mode when it detects the parking signal. Users can turn off the LCD monitor manually, in this way, the flashing indicator light can give you a hint if it’s working.

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High reflective glass
makes you get the clear images

The aim to design the rear view mirror is to give drivers some hint at anytime, making drivers know what happens in the back when they’re driving. Thus it can make driving safer. All these should we owe to a high reflective glass, which transmits the clear rear images all the time.

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Professional six-glass lens

Lens is made of six precise all-glass with durability and high temperature resistance. It’s more effective to capture clear and sharp images. It is made with a f1.8 lens large aperture, which increases the amount of light in maximum range. You can be more confident in night shooting. The pictures it takes can excited you in any environment.

The SD card (MAX 32 GB)

The 32GB SD card is to store the video files recorded by DVR recorder. The 10 class card is advisable to ensure the fluent and stable video. Users can take out the SD card at any time if they want to store the important video file to other devices, so that they can enjoy these graceful and fluent video from bigger screen.

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OEM genuine brackets

All is from “SAFETY  and STABILITY” for the newly invented genuine brackets. We adopted the 21mm aluminum alloy tube, which is of small density and high strength. Double ball joints are designed to make the mirror adjustable in widest angle, thus you can view the rear image conveniently.

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Main function

Many creative and useful functions are available for this rear view mirror, which ensures you to record every great moment in your journey at any time. The motion detect can use the storage space effectively. The G-sensor file can be saved permanently unless the card is formatted. The reversing mode is the top priority, which can let you be relieved.