Projection Mobile Phone

Due to many people have deserted the original car navigation, but to adopt phone navigation, the phone sticking on the dashboard is unaesthetic, easy to loose and fall down as well, which will disturb driving and cause danger.
iMirror projects the phone navigation on the mirror screen, making it safer to use phone navigation in cars.


It will read and transfer your contacts in your phone and to iMirror, which your incoming phone call will show on iMirror 's screen.
But if you want to dial to someone, you can only use your phone,it is not available to dial via iMirror.


Voice Control

The voice control system makes it easier to make a call, set the navigation path, and play music etc. When the phone voice control system is accessible, and the connection between phone and car rear view mirror is successful, you only need to long press the button of the rear view mirror, make the voice control system open and guide your instruction, then the car rear view mirror and the phone will finish it, so that you can have a comfortable driving.

Backup Camera Display

When put the car in reverse, the monitor will automatically display back up camera image.


Compass can guide direction. Ordinary compass calibration is complicated while the calibration of iMirror's compass is very simple.


Reading Lamp

Traditional Reading Lamp's glare will affect the driver's eyes when driving. While iMirror Reading Lamp is on the bottom of rearview mirror, which have no harm to driver's eyes.

  • Original reading light will interfere with sight.

  • The reading light below the mirror does not interfere with the driver’s eyes.

Replaceable OEM Genuine Brackets

People chase a after flawless and peaceful life environment rather than messy one. IMirror has more than 100 kinds of rearview mirror mounting brackets, and can be installed on various vehicles.