Safety is the top priority

It’s no doubt that using the cell phone would bring the potential danger when
you’re driving. iMirror 7B, it’s a bluetooth rear view mirror with voice control
system. You can make a call by your voice, and answer it by the mirror button
itself, which is more safer to communicate. The built-in speaker is much bigger
 in sound and better in quality than phone’s. The talking can be heard clearly
though in big noise. This high-fidelity microphone can transmit the talks
accurately. All that is for the safest driving.


            Natural "display monitor"

The first key element of the interior rearview mirror is that driver can get to know situation
behind the car all the time by reflected image of mirror glass. According to statistics, in
order to improve driving safety, a mature driver will observe interior rearview mirror 3 to 5
times per minute while driving. Rear image is reflected to the human eyes by the mirror.
So if the reflectance of the mirror glass is not high, the image will be too dark to be seen,
which might result in potential traffic safety.

24 lights display monitor 
Redefining the screen brightness

Due to the special geographical condition, user will always face with shiny sunlight
when they look at the rearview mirror. During this environment, if you want to see the
screen image clearly, there will be a strict requirements of screen high brightness. In
order to make sure user can see the screen clearly at any time. iMirror rearview mirror
is equipped with 24 light TFT-LCD Display which is a precise combination of multi-layer
structure, with high brightness and homogeneous distribution. We refuse to the
intersection due to the unclear screen image.

The screen is still clearly visible in strong shiny ambient.

Auto brightness adjustment
A changeable "core"

With the unceasing change of driving conditions, if the screen brightness has been
fixed, the user will feel dizzy due to the screen brightness is too high when drive at
night. Brightness of iMirror monitor can be automatically adjusted with ambient
light  which let user see the screen image clearly under high light circumstances
and not feel dizzy at night. From beginning to the end, user can get the most
concern and better experience from iMirror .
iMirror6B--特征页--英文-切图_11 (2).jpg iMirror6B--特征页--英文-切图_13.jpg

            Bluetooth hands free car kit

When it’s connected for cell phone and car rear view
mirror, once the call is coming, the phone number
will show on the monitor. The ring comes from
the mirror speaker. Short press is to answer
the call and long press is to dismiss it.

Voice control system

When their bluetooth is connected for the cell phone and car rear view mirror,
long pressing the mirror button is to start the voice control system, then you can guide it,
such as “Navigate to Window of the World”, “Call to Angle Roberson”, and “Play Music”
etc. When the phone receives the construction, it would react accordingly. The sound of navigation,
call and music would be broadcast by car rear view mirror.

The reversing aid

iMirror 6V supports two video inputs. When the car is in reverse,
the LCD monitor would switch to backup image. It would resume
to the previous mode after finish the parking.

Flexible bracket system
Everything changes as you wish

The design of double ball head bracket with replaceable adapter let iMirror rearview mirror bracket not only adjust all directions, multi-angle, but also can be easy to install on any vehicle.
We developed a variety of correspondingly adapter models to fit for global various vehicle , which is easy to be replaced and installed. Aluminum alloy pipe with 21mm diameter let you be calm even when you face various road conditions. iMirror rearview mirror will always be safety for you .

Genuine bracket for
Citroen: Elysee/C2/C4/C-Triomphe
Peugeot: 206/207
Mercedes Benz: B200/A163/SMART

Genuine bracket for
Fiat Viaggio EXT E560

Genuine bracket for
Chevrolet Epica / Spark / Sail

Genuine bracket for
Hyundai Tucson/ Accent
/ Elantra/ Sonata
Kia: Cerato/ Sportage

Genuine bracket for Hyundai

Genuine bracket for Renault

Genuine bracket for

Genuine bracket for
BMW 3/5/7 series X3 X5 X7
Land Rover

Genuine bracket for
Citron C2 / C4 / C5
Peugeot 207 / 206
Benz B200 / 160 / Smart