iMirror 7B

Bluetooth rear view mirror with voice control

Aim to IMPORVE THE DRIVING SAFETY, iMirror is continuously developing the brand new rear view mirror, and enhancing the safety level step by step. iMirror6B, the bluetooth rear view mirror with voice control, completely solves the potential risk if you dial or answer a call when you’re driving. Users can answer the call by mirror button and make a dial directly by your voice. In this way, we can concentrate on driving, bringing safety to us and others as well.

The auto connection

Once the first connection is successful between the user’s mobile phone and the bluetooth rear view mirror, the mirror would search automatically the last connected device on condition that the device bluetooth is accessible.

Answer a call
by the power button

After the user’s phone is connected
the bluetooth rear view mirror successfully in a running car,
if a call is coming, no need to answer it by phone. Short press
the power button means answer the call. Long press the
button is to refuse it..

Quick response

The voice control system makes it easier to make a call, set the navigation
path, and play music etc. When the phone voice control system is accessible, and
the connection between phone and car rear view mirror is successful, you only  
need to long press the button of the rear view mirror, make the voice control
system open and guide your instruction, then the car rear view mirror and the
phone will finish it, so that you can have a comfortable driving.

The portable microphone

The iMirror 6B adopts the portable microphone with elaborate design, which is installed in 20cm to 30cm away from driver. The special U-type slot can perfect the installation.

4.3 inch ultral-high brightness
LCD display monitor

The 4.3 inch LCD monitor is extremely bright, whose brightness can adjust auto-
matically by the surroundings. In this way, drivers can get a clear LCD display at
any time, no dazzling. The recording mode can display on the monitor synchro-
nously. The monitor will switch to the reversing mode when it detects the
parking signal. Users can turn off the LCD monitor manually, in this way,
the flashing indicator light can give you a hint if it’s working.

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OEM genuine brackets

All is from “SAFETY  and STABILITY” for the newly invented genuine brackets. We adopted the 21mm aluminum alloy tube, which is of small density and high strength. Double ball joints are designed to make the mirror adjustable in widest angle, thus you can view the rear image conveniently.

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